Director Nomination Committee FAQ

The VoH was approached by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR) to assist in compiling a pool of potential candidates to sit on the Hort Innovation Director Nomination Committee (DNC) over the next 4 years. The consultation will include visits to each state of Australia, as well as shortlisting the candidates and then compilation of the pool, a follow up meeting in Canberra with the Department of Agriculture and a recommendation to the secretary so that an appropriate, eligible, skilled levy payer can be appointed to the committee for the 2018 Director Nomination process. Voice of Horticulture and the DAWR will be conducting information sessions around Australia in the week beginning Monday 30 April 2018.
You can find out more about this process here

Listed below are a number of frequently asked questions (FAQ) from these information sessions.

Q. If I apply to be on the Director Nomination Committee and am successful, does that preclude me from applying to be on the Hort Innovation Board next year, or in the future?
A. No. They are two completely seperate processes with different requirements.

Q. If I'm unsuccessful in obtaining the Director Nomination Committee position this year, but am in the pool of levy payer candidates retained for furture DNC consideration, can I apply to be on the Hort Inovation Board?
A. Yes, you can still apply to be on the Hort Innovation Board. In order to avoid a conflict of interest, you would need to write to the Secretary of the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources and request that you name be removed from the levy payer pool of condidates to be on the DNC.

Q. How will I know that Voice of Horticulture has received my Expression of Interest to be on the DNC?
A. Every applicant will receive an email receipt within 24 hours, acknowledging their application.

Q. What is the definition of an 'Independent eminent person'?
A. Essentially, the Constitution offers no definition of an 'independent eminent person'.
Therefore in practice this requirement has been interpreted by the Board to require someone who is:

a. Independent. In this context 'independent' means having no material relationship with Hort Innovation (either of a financial nature or otherwise).

b. Eminent. As with all interpreations of important documents with no obvious guidance, the definition in the Oxford English Dictionary is applied:
Eminent: (of a person) important; distinguished in position, attainments or character.

Obviously, the person so appointed also needs to have an appreciation of the needs of the sector.
In short, someone with no existing relationship with Hort Innovation, who is good of character and standing, having held postions of responsibility, and respected.

Q. Why does an Independent eminent person get at 3 year term, while a levy payer only gets a 1 year term?
A. The terms of appointment are set down in clause 11.2 of the Constitution of Horticulture Innovation Australia Limited (HIAL).
A 1 year levy payer appointment should provide greater opportunity for levy payers from across the industry to have a chance to participate on the DNC.