AUSVEG joins Voice of Horticulture

31st May 2016

Voice of Horticulture is pleased to announce that AUSVEG, the peak industry body for the Australian
vegetable and potato industry, has joined the member-based organisations that represents
horticultural growers and businesses across fruit, nuts, mushrooms, turf, nursery and cut flowers.

Tania Chapman, chair of Voice of Horticulture welcomed AUSVEG on board and said the organisation
looked forward to working with the vegetable and potato industry moving into the future.

“Horticulture is the fastest growing agriculture sector in Australia as well as the largest employer.
The vegetable and potato industry plays a large and key role so we welcome AUSVEG to the Voice of
Horticulture, a group that now truly represents horticulture” Tania said.

AUSVEG chair, Geoff Moar also welcomed the news saying “…if we are going to take horticulture in
Australia to a unified place we all need to be in it together, and the way to do this is through the
Voice of Horticulture”.

AUSVEG coming on board follows last week’s announcement that Voice of Horticulture and PMA
would be working closely together to ensure horticulture, across all sectors, has a strong united

“This partnership means that the whole horticulture supply chain is now under the one banner of
the Voice of Horticulture, which effectively represents almost all commodities and industries that
belong to Horticulture Innovation Australia’s Research Development Corporation,” Tania stressed.

Subsequently, Voice of Horticulture is now in a much better position to ensure effective research
development, extension and marketing outcomes.

Media contacts

Tania Chapman
Chair, Voice of Horticulture
0428 291 717

John Dollisson
Director, Voice of Horticulture
0413 111 123

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